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Red Macaw Beaded Feather
Beadwork e-Book

This e-Book has a large pattern for the beadwork. I also give step-by-step instructions for assembling the feathers. I used photos for most of these instructions. The beadwork is done in Even Count Tubular Peyote Stitch. The handles are fairly small in circumference so the beadwork goes quickly.

I am not Indian nor do I imply that these designs and construction methods are those the Indians use. These are my own "Paleface Beaded Feather" designs!

Many cultures use decorated feathers in their rituals. In the Santa Fe area I see fabulous feathers with beadwork, leather and charms. Indians call them "prayer feathers" and use them to speed their prayers upward. The feathers are also used in many of their dances. A "dance fan" is made with a large handle and many feathers. The feathers are often wound with colorful thread around the quill.

Please be aware that the feathers of migratory birds are illegal to own. You can use the feathers of macaw, maribou, parrot, domestic duck, goose, turkey, chicken, parakeet but no eagles, hawks, owls or any bird that flies south. Many of the Trading Post stores have turkey feathers that are painted to resemble the eagle feathers. You'll find a lot of feathers for sale on e-Bay. I have a page of links on my site to help you find legal feathers.

Have fun making your beautiful beaded feather!

Feathers come in many shades so choose your feather first and match the beads to it. I will give a color key for the ones I made but you will need to match your own feather. In most of the patterns I used a white background to make the designs easier to see. It also saves a lot of ink this way.


Technique: Even Count Tubular Peyote 
Beads: Delicas 
Approx Size: 5.5" excluding feather
Pages to Print: 4

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