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This e-book contains 5 Peyote or Brick Stitch patterns. Each motif can be used for a Necklace or Wall Hanging.

This is another of my "just patterns" e-books. There are some basic instructions for using the patterns for both a small necklace and an amulet purse but NO color keys. I offer these in their "just patterns" form in order to give you lots of pretty patterns at a very affordable price.You'll find the following designs in this e-Book:

Trinity Knot Approx. Size 5" wide
Celtic Knot Approx. Size 3" wide
Claddagh Cross Approx. Size 3X4.25"
Celtic Knot Pendant Approx. Size 1.8 X 3.25"
Shamrock Bracelet .Approx. Size 1.2" wide

You can find tutorials in my classroom for Flat Peyote which is used for the patterns.

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