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Is there anything any more boring than a white plastic switchplate cover? A beaded switchplate cover is the answer!

This is another of my "just patterns" e-books. There are instructions for an easy way to bead the patterns and how to apply them to a plastic switchplate cover but NO color keys. I offer these in their "just patterns" form in order to give you lots of pretty patterns at a very reasonable price. Choose the colors that best compliments your home or office decor. Change the cover whenever the mood strikes you.

This e-book contains 6 Peyote or Brick Stitch patterns for beaded switchplate covers.These patterns are sized to fit a standard plastic switchplate cover.

You can find tutorials in my classroom for Odd Count Flat Peyote which is used for the switchplate covers.

The patterns include:

Six Shamrocks Switchplate Cover
Two Celtic Knots Switchplate Cover
Metallic Celtic Knots Switchplate Cover
Celtic Key Switchplate Cover
Shamrocks Switchplate Cover
Celtic Knot Switchplate Cover

Beads: Delicas or other cylinder beads
Stitch: Odd Count Flat Peyote
Pages: 15

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