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This pattern is one of my favorites. It was featured in my book "Dimensions!" which is now out of print.

I can still remember the thrill of having a brand new box of crayons waiting for the first day of school! Oh, what a delicious smell they had! My red crayon was always the first to be used up and I never could figure out why they had a white one in the box. Now I find myself painting with glass beads so I made this pattern to combine the memories of my past and the excitement of my present. I hope this pattern evokes some of the same feelings for you as is does for me.

A color key is included. You can use tiny bead tubes for the crayons or make beaded crayons using the pattern included

Technique: Flat and Tubular Peyote 
Beads: Delicas 
Approx Size: 2" X 3.5"
Pages to Print: 3

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