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Pueblo tribes honor the water serpents that protect water holes and bring rain. The water serpent, a revered animal, travels along the riverbanks and is thought by the Puebloan peoples to be just the animal to coax the rain back onto their dry fields. It is a popular design often seen in the art of the Southwest, particularly pottery signifying the prayer for and representation of water, critical for life in the desert.

The pattern is shown enlarged to make it easier to read. Because of the size of this pattern I divided it into 2 sections. You will see a colored star to indicate the bottom of each section.

There is no color key ncluded. This is a "Just Patterns" item for beaders who want beautiful patterns at a reasonable price.
Technique: Peyote
Beads: Delicas 
Approx Size: 4.75 X 6.25"
Pages to Print: 4

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